Networking is for Everyone

Networking is for Everyone

When I Have Time by Sara Rosso

Networking is for Everyone - Sara Rosso at When I Have Time Me, going to yet another networking event

Recently I was thinking about some content I have on other sites which would be more appropriate to be published here, and getting some of my old-time drafts published when I came across this draft I wrote back in 2009. I’ve always been a fan of networking, online & offline, and I wrote my first “networking” post back in August 2007 on (my only blog at the time) Ms. Adventures in Italy.

Back in 2009, I contributed a guest post over at one of my favorite inspirational design sites, Design*Sponge, to their excellent business how-to series, Biz Ladies, with an article titled Networking for Designers. The Biz Ladies series has really really great information and is not applicable only to designers, but anyone starting up a business or working as a freelancer.

My post on networking is also along the same…

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