Personal data


Name                                                   Marinus Henricus Kruissen

Date of birth                                        August 4th 1952

Address                                              Villa Alacran, Calle C. casa # 13,

                                                            La Romana,

                                                            Dominican Republic


Nationality                                            Dutch


Skype:                                                 gonenativetranslations

Twitter                                                 GoneNative

Blogposts Nickname                           GoneNative

LinkedIn                                             Marinus Kruissen                                            

Telephone                                          +809 550 1805


Professional data


Reliable translation services into English and Dutch, from German, Spanish, French and Afrikaans.


A professional translator, proofreader, editor and writer with an eye for detail and passionate about my work. My fortes include scientific articles, medical translations, legal documents, theological translations and articles about theology and religion, blog posts, newsletters, seo articles and more.

After years of working in Europe, the US. UK and in various countries of Africa, I can now show experience as a freelance translator. I have several steady clients, among them a well known South African publishing house for academic periodicals, and some work on a one time basis.

Regular blogging articles can be found in newspapers from the Netherlands, Britain and several African countries, as well as from the Dominican Republic.




Roman Catholic Seminary




Business College




Nursing College 




Military Service, followed by a three year contract, (KVV -Paramedic)




In those years I worked for different Non-Governmental Organizations, primarily as a Paramedic.

But as time went by the type of work changed, more and more to that of interpreter and translator.  

This happened, because I spoke more than four languages, at the time. (7 at present).




Back in Holland, I had to find work, and an income, fast, so I went to work for the Randstad Employment Agency.

They did find work for me, but not in the translation field.

The last company I worked for in The Netherlands was Nedcon. The multilingual aspect of my work there: There were employees from Poland, Germany, Spain, England, Russia and Estonia and of course the Netherlands.




Living in the Dominican Republic now, I could live on my wife’s earnings, and a small pension.

But that is not what I want, so I decided to start again, as a free lance translator and interpret.

I opened an office under the name of: “Gone Native Translations”. I am also writing for a Belgian on line newspaper and for a Dutch on line magazines. Since 2011 I also write seo articles for one Dutch agency and upon request in English.

The writing and copywriting is slowly taking over importance from the translation part of my work, but I do both with the same passion.






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